Pulpit Rock Hike

We offer this hike several times each week. It starts at our activity board beside our plaza and proceeds to the top of Pulpit Rock. Standing on the main part of our beach you can see Pulpit Rock rising high above the fishing lagoon. From the top, you get a spectacular view of Mt. Washington and the White Mountains, as well as a unique view of our own Papoose Pond.

This hike is only about 2 miles long, but it has several features that make it exciting. First we cross the Crooked River. There is no bridge. This means we have to get wet (usually knee to thigh high). This is fun and refreshing during those hot summer days. We then start the upward climb, which does have its steep moments. If you can walk up several flights of stairs, you can complete this hike.

As we reach the top and step onto the rocky ledge, the panoramic view takes your breath away. We take plenty of time to enjoy a drink of water and to take plenty of pictures. “I can see my campsite from here!” The trip back down follows the same path and seems to be a bit easier with gravity now on our side. there is no cost for this hike.