Reservations & Policies

For Reservations Requests, Please call us at (207) 583-4470.

Updated Cancellation Policy for COVID-19

For all 2020 reservations, including already booked and anything that is booked moving forward, we will shorten our cancellation window to 15 days. This means that any reservation (site or building) may cancel up to 15 days prior to your check-in date for a full refund. We will continue to reassess as the season gets closer and we know more about the trajectory of this virus. We have always valued our customers and consider you all to be a part of our extended family so as always, we will continue to address individual issues one-on-one with our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Love to all from the Pond and remember to keep washing your hands!

Quiet Hours

Papoose Pond Campground is a family campground that is proud to cater to families and children. Our quiet time begins at 11pm and is enforced. In the event that Security and/or Management informs a site of quiet hour violations and any site occupant refuses to cooperate, all of the occupants of the site will be evicted from the campground, without refund, and refused future admittance.

We pride ourselves in offering a safe, family camping experience and will not tolerate late night partying and rude or abusive behavior.

Check In Times

All Campsites without a bathroom 12noon
All Campsites with a bathroom 3pm
All Cabins, Cottages and rental units 3pm

Check Out Times

All Cabins, Cottages, Rental Units and Campsites with bathrooms 10am
All Campsites 11am

Pet Policies

(Families Planning to bring pets – please read)
Papoose Pond is a pet friendly Campground/Resort. Friendly, well behaved pets are welcome. Pet owners must have a proof of rabies vaccine with them. We restrict any vicious dog.

  • Pets are only allowed on certain sites and are NOT ALLOWED in any cottages, PG60, PG60A, PG61, PG62, cabinettes (PGC), BS Hutnicks (BSH), PG Hutnicks(PGH), park models, park trailers or rental trailers.
  • Pets ARE allowed in the following PGC cabinettes – PGC55, PGC57, PGC59
  • Pets are also NOT ALLOWED on any Beachfront Site (BS), Waterfront Site (WF) or any of the following sites: PGD1, PGA, PGB, PG1 through PG6, and PG71.
  • Pets are allowed on all campsites and cabins on the pool side of the campground. Pets are also allowed in Camperlodges (PGCL).
  • Pets are not allowed on the Beach, in the pool area or in any of our boats or in any common buildings (Store, Cafe, Rec Hall, Craft Lodge).
  • All pets must be supervised at all times
  • Owners must clean up after their pets
  • All pets must be on a leash at all times

Any Dog owner who has a dog who is annoying other guests, (Constant barking, Running unattended, etc) will be advised of the problem and failure to cure the situation to the satisfaction of management will result in the owner being directed to remove the dog from the property.

Should ANY dog show vicious behavior or bite for ANY reason the dog will be removed from the premises immediately, and without exception.

We truly want everyone to have a wonderful time at Papoose Pond, including your dog and those people on nearby sites. Please contact us if you have ANY questions regarding our pet policies.

Golf Carts, ATVs, etc.

Papoose Pond Campground does not allow the use of Golf Carts, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc. on property.

Reservations Policies

For week long reservations, we require a 50% deposit and for reservations of less than a week, we require a deposit equal to your full payment. We are happy to accept reservations from adults at least 21 years old. Our campsites are priced for 2 adults and up to 4 unmarried, dependent, children (under the age of 21). Occupancy of a campsite shall not exceed 4 adults with a maximum of 8 people per site. Extra charges will apply to additional guests on sites.

Our rental cabin and cottage pricing is based on the number of guests each unit will sleep and is enforced.

Weekly Reservations

Our facilities are open full swing from June 21 thru August 22 and we offer a full activities and entertainment schedule, 7 days a week (Limited Activities 6/21-6/27 and 8/16-8/22). We accept week long reservations (Sunday to Sunday) for these dates up to one year in advance.

Reservations less than a Week

We accept shorter reservations (less than a week) starting on March 1st for stays of 4 or more nights, on April 1st for stays of 3 or more nights, and May 1st for stays of 2 or more nights. If you wish to reserve a week from Sunday to Sunday, for instance – Arriving July 5, 2020 – and departing July 11, 2020 you may reserve that period by calling us up to one year in advance of departure date. (Anytime after July 11, 2020)

May 15 – June 20 (Except Memorial Day Weekend) & Aug. 23 – Oct. 12 (Except Labor Day Weekend)
This is a great time to visit the Pond. Quiet and very scenic, in addition to discounted rates. We accept reservations for 2 nights or more during these dates up to one full year in advance.

Holiday weekends

Holiday weekends and July 4th require a minimum stay of 3 nights. Both Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekend pricing is given for 3 nights and reservations may be made for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends up to one year in advance. July 4th bookings may be made on March 1st for stays of 4 nights or more and April 1st for stays of 3 nights or more.

Visitor Policies

We do require visitors to pay a fee. All day and overnight visitors must check in and pay at the office and must display a car pass while on the grounds. Please check with our office regarding the guest policy and fee. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets on to the property.